Friday, August 15, 2014

Catching Up ... and Looking Ahead

2014 has been a strange cycling year. I got off to a reasonably good start with some early season rides. However, by mid-May I was only getting in one ride most weeks. Fortunately, most weeks the one ride I was able to get in was the Saturday long ride. This pattern held until early July. Although it was an unusual year for me, I was able to have some fun and memorable rides. I was part of a group of Minnesota Randonneurs who traveled to Sioux Falls, South Dakota for what I believe was the state's first brevet. I rode the 300k with Rob Welsh and Gary Bakke. My fitness level definitely wasn't on their level, but they were charitable enough to ride with me. Another highlight was completing the Great Lakes Randonneurs' 400k in late May. GLR resurrected one of my favorite routes ever so I made a point of getting there even though it was a bit of a struggle this year. It's not every midwestern route features a ferry crossing on a brevet!

Since mid-July, I have been able to get serious about training.  I've been able to get in some short, high intensity training rides and some longer brevets and permanents.  All of this training is aimed at this season's big challenge; a homemade 1200k. I am part of a group of rando veterans that designed our own 1200k route that we got approved as a RUSA permanent.  Eight of us are riding it starting August 28th.  Stay tuned for more details.

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