Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking Back - - - Looking Ahead

The New Years Holiday provides a great chance to look back at the adventures of the year gone past and look forward to the challenges that await.
Looking Back

2012 was a great year of cycling for me. I finished the year with 5615 miles, 3 more than last year. Its kind of funny that I could ride two full seasons and without planning it at all end up with almost exactly the same number of miles. Additionally, I finished 2012 with 6312 kilometers in RUSA sanctioned events.  The highlight of my cycling year was a successful completion of the Shenandoah 1200K in June. As I detailed at the time, the ride was a tour of the mountains and beautiful backroads of Virginia. Other highlights of 2012 included the first ever ACP sanctioned brevets held in Black River Falls, Wisconsin and my first serious foray into ride organization as the Director of the Upper Midwest Fleche Get Together held in May.

Looking Ahead
2013 promises to just as interesting. Early on New Years morning, I was among the first to register for the Endless Mountains 1240K ride to be held in Eastern Pennsylvania in August. Apparently, my post-Shenandoah statements about never riding another mountainous 1200K didn't register. It could be that I have a serious case of randonnesia. In any event, Endless Mountains is probably the only US grand randonnee which can legitimately claim to be harder than Shenandoah.
I am also setting a goal of 5500 total miles and at least 5500 kilometers in RUSA sanctioned events. Stay tuned!
Happy New Years!!