Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rochester 300km Night start

Saturday evening was the 300km in Rochester, MN organized by the Minnesota Randonneurs.  The ride started at 8:00pm to help riders prepare for their evening starts at PBP. The night was warm and very humid although we avoided the storms that were spread all over the region.  I rode most of the night with a group of 6-8 riders and had a pleasant ride.  The night start added a level of difficulty as almost everyone entered the event without the normal pre-ride rest. A highlight of the ride was viewing the lights of the La Crosse area from the top of the Apple Blossom climb on the  ridge above La Crescent.  The climb up from Money Creek, Minnesota was a long, steep, winding grind that was as hard as nearly any climb in the area.  We hit the climb just after light with what seemed like 90 percent humidty.  Overall things went pretty well although its pretty evident that I will need to focus on getting more rest on start day in Paris.

With this rider, I am done with all organized rides prior to PBP. I may do a permanent or two depending on how things go.


Nodine at 3:30 am on Rochester overnight ride.
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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Big News from Paris. I have been assigned frame number 4625 for PBP. This number can be used to track my progress throughout the event.