Sunday, November 15, 2015

2016 Mission: Great Southern Randonnee

The Great Southern Randonnee has been on my wishlist for a long time. It looks like the stars are aligning to make GSR a possibility for 2016. Here's the teaser from Audax Australia.

The 6th edition of the Great Southern Randonnee (GSR) will be held during the week from Sunday 13th November to Friday 18thNovember 2016. Distances of 1200 Km, 1000 Km, 300 Km & 200 Km will be offered.
The GSR is one of the great long distance randonnees, and a ride of many colours. It dips its lid to the skyline of Melbourne, skims the Surf Coast, crosses the forests of the Otways, touches the Shipwreck Coast, then rolls through pastoral valleys, farms and long extinct volcanoes to Port Fairy. After Port Fairy, it's almost moorland up to Hamilton, where the views of the Grampians dominate the horizon, drawing the riders into its majestic valleys.
The 6th edition of the GSR brings some minor changes, but continues with the tradition of fabulous support provided by our enthusiastic volunteers. For the 1200 Km distance the traditional evening start will be offered, sending riders on an overnight loop of the Bellarine Peninsula first. However riders may also elect to start in the morning and head along the grandeur of the Great Ocean Road first, leaving the Bellarine Peninsula loop until the end. Distances are spot on for the 1000 Km & 1200 Km options, no gratuitous over distance kilometres here!