Friday, August 19, 2011

PBP Pre-Ride

This morning members of the Davis Bike Club from California led a group ride previewing the first 25 miles of the PBP course. They have been leading the ride for the last couple PBPs. The ride has become very popular with the American delegation. Approximately 200-250 riders met at the hotel and rode together through suburban Paris and into the countryside; sort of the American randonneuring answer to a flash mob. Two hundred American cyclists entering a roundabout really brings traffic to a halt.

Overall the ride was a blast. A very conversational pace through gorgeous scenery. Lots of rolling hills and small villages spread out every 4-5 miles along the route. I ended up with just over 41 miles. My legs felt great throughout the ride.

Last night the Japanese delagation moved into the hotel. There are also quite a few riders from Australia hanging around. Haven't run into any of the Europeans yet, but they are around here somewhere. Bike inspection and registration is tomorrow morning so hopefully everything is good to go. The excitement and anticipation is certainly growing.

Heather went to Versailles with Melissa, the wife of another Wisconsin randonneur. She should be back soon with lots of stories and photos.

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